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Vitality Gyms

Vitality's Concept.

"What is the catch? The price seems too good to be true!". There is no catch, we can do this as we keep the costs low by removing unnecessary and expensive extras which the more expensive clubs have, such as a pool, jacuzzi and cafes etc. However, unlike any other 'affordable' club, we do have sauna's, steam rooms, hair salons, beauty spas and clinics for our members to take advantage of, with great discounts and offers.


What are your Gym Membership prices?

For the individual gym membership prices and terms, please go to the individual gym pages and see the membership options available.

Do you have a 'No Contract' option?

Due to how popular 'No contract' memberships are, we are looking to role out a 'No Contract' option to our membership deals in 2014. Please keep an eye on our newsfeed and social media sites for updates with regards to this. Please see our membership options on our individual Gym pages.

Who are Harlands?

Harlands manage all of Vitality's contracts and direct debits, this is why Harlands will appear on your bank statements. The contact number for Harlands is 0871 2502423.

How old do you have to be to join Vitality Gyms?

To join Vitality Gyms, you must be at least 18 years old.

Can I trial Vitality Gyms before joining?

Yes, you can request a FREE day pass online via the 'contact us' page. You will need to print off the form, fill in the information and bring it into the club with you.

Will I be issued with a Vitality Gyms membership card?

No, you will be issued with an 8 digit pin number. The first four numbers will be your date of birth and month of birth then four unique numbers.

How do I freeze my membership?

Freezing your membership is free. If you are still in contract then freezing will extend your contract by however many months you freeze. You can use the following form, selecting "freeze membership" on the drop down menu and a member of our staff will request that your membership is frozen. Click here to freeze your membership

Can I share or give my pin number to anyone else to use?

Under no circumstances can you share or give your pin number with anyone else as it is individual to you. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our valued, paying members, offenders will have there membership cancelled and he police will be informed. All members entering and exiting any Vitality Gym are monitored by CCTV 24/7 and by our reception team to further enhance members safety and prevent pin number abuse.

Will you put the price up of my membership?

If you join on a pre opening offer you will get that membership rate for 1 year before it goes up to our usual price. Otherwise the price which you have joined us with is the price that you will keep throughout your contract term. This means that we will never alter the price of your membership as long as you remain a member and do not cancel and re join.

Is it possible to change my direct debit date?

Yes, this is possible. Our direct debit partners, Harlands, can process this for all members. You can contact them on 0871 2502423.

I haven't received my pin yet, what do I do?

All pin numbers are generated on completion of the online joining service. On occasions this can be found in the spam or junk mail sections of your e mail. If in the unlikely event that you did not receive your pin, please contact us via e mail under the 'contact us' page.

I don't have a bank account, does Vitality accept cash?

We do accept cash only payments for our gym memberships. This needs to be carried out monthly by going to our reception teams when open.

Can I pay upfront for one years membership at Vitality Gyms?

Yes, this needs to be carried out by going to our reception teams when open.

Can I use both sites in my membership?

We have different membership options, individually for each gym and dual access memberships for both clubs. Please contact us if you are unsure what your membership allows you entry to.

How do I cancel my membership?

The cancellation process is easy. If you have opted for one of our contracted memberships, you will need to give 30 days notice of cancellation after you're out of your contractual period. This can be done by sending an e mail via our 'contact us' page. We will respond to your request informing you of your cancellation date and when to cancel your direct debit.

If you have opted for a non contract membership option, you will need to simply cancel your direct debit with your bank. This cancellation process is immediate and you will no longer be gained entry to the gyms, unless you re join.

I have missed a membership payment / cancelled my direct debit.

If you have missed a direct debit payment or cancelled your direct debit by mistake then you must call Harlands on 0871 2502423 as soon as you can to avoid further charges and reinstate your direct debit. You can NOT pay this onsite at Vitality.

I have received a letter from Harlands, what do I do?

Harlands send out letters if you have missed a payment or cancelled your direct debit within your minimum contracted period. You must contact them as soon as possible on 0871 2502423.

What do I do if my pin doesn't work?

In the unlikely event of your pin number not working, please contact the gym by phone on 02920395599 during reception open times. (10:00 - 18:00). Outside of these hours please send an e mail to the gyms via the 'contact us' section of the website.

Do we offer student discount?

Yes, we have a number of different student options which differ throughout the year. Please contact us for more information via our 'contact us' section on the website.

When does the first months payment come out of my bank account?

Your first payment will be processed 10 days after joining Vitality Gyms. This payment will include the joining fee and the first months payment. Future payments will be debited one month from the day of joining. Please remember that if you would like to change the direct debit date please contact Harlands on 0871 2502423.

Facilities and Equipment

How do I access the Gym?

Vitality Gym & Health Club: When entering the club please go up the stairs to the first floor and put in your 8 digit pin entry code which you would have received via e mail on joining and enter the club via the turnstyles. The reception is accessible on the first floor.

Vitality 4 Less: When entering the club, please go up the stairs on the first floor and put in your 8 digit pin entry code which you would have received via e mail on joining and enter th club via the turnstyles. The reception is inside the club, please use the buzzer to allow one of the reception team to open the door for you.

If you do not have an access code or your access code is not working, please send us an email so we can resolve this for you.

Does Vitality Gym Offer Classes and Group Exercise?

Yes, we certainly do! Vitality Gyms Cardiff Offers over 60 classes FREE across both sites. The classes include Zumba, aerobics, step, LBT, circuits and many more. Some classes may be an additional charge if a specialised instructor is required to take the class, for example Pole Dancing.

Does Vitality Gyms have any outdoor classes?

Yes, during the dry summer months Vitality Gyms offers various outdoor classes local to the clubs.

Can a non member come to a Vitality class?

Yes, a non member can accompany a member and go to the exercise classes for £4.50.

How do I book classes online?

Class bookings can be made via our online booking portal. You will first need to register for online booking before you can use this system. To do this, please follow the steps provided here.

Are there changing facilities and showers in each Vitality Gym?

Yes, at all Vitality Gyms we provide high powered showers, lockers and toilets. Hair dryers are also provided in the dry areas of the changing rooms. We also have plug sockets available for your own use.

Do I need a padlock for lockers?

Yes, so you can securely store your belongings whilst you train. We recommend a digital combination padlock that can be purchased from reception at either site or our vending machines.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

Yes, we have on site personal trainers who can answer questions about the equipment and are also available for 1-2-1 sessions.

Does Vitality Gyms also include sauna and steams rooms?

Yes, at certain Vitality Gyms we have relaxation suites that includes sauna or steam room and sometimes both. These facilities do not form part of your contract with Vitality, although, there is no extra charge for gym members to use them should they wish.

Do you provide towels?

We provide towels at a cost of £1 per use. These can be collected from reception at both sites. The towels must be brought back to reception when you are leaving the gym.

Do you have sunbeds?

Yes we have sunbeds at both sites. Non members are welcome to use the sunbed at Vitality Gym in Cardiff Centre, however, in Vitality 4 Less in Cardiff Bay, the sunbeds are exclusively for member use.

Will Personal Training be available?

Yes, this is available at an additional cost of approximately £25 - £35 per hour session. This depends whether it is part of a group booking, a series, or on a 1-2-1 basis. it is also measured on the experience of the Personal Trainer. You can view the Personal Trainer profiles on our website and contact them individually at each Vitality Gym. Full details of our Personal Trainers are available on the membership boards in the clubs.

Does Vitality Gyms offer car parking?

Yes, Vitality 4 Less in Cardiff Bay has 900 car parking spaces which our members can utilise whilst using the gym facilities. You will need to brig your car parking ticket into the gym with you so you can validate it on your way out. We do not offer car parking at Vitality Gym & Health Club, however, there is free car parking after 18:00 in the civic centre (2 mins walk from Vitality) and plenty of surrounding car parks within the city centre.

Do you have Wi-Fi access in the Vitality Gyms?

Yes, you can access Vitality Gyms Wi-Fi by using the following password: Guest-wirele55.

I've joined online, what next?

You will receive a welcome pack via e mail, a membership number (ie LP-12345) and your pin entry code for the club (i.e 17031234)

Do you sell protein and pre/post workout supplements?

We currently stock a wide range of USN products from protein, RTD shakes, protein bars and various other suppliments. We are proud that we can offer our Gym memberships a greatly reduced price of these products compared to the recommended retail price.


  • Cardiff’s best city centre gym
  • State-of-the-art gym floor
  • Over 30 great classes every week
  • Free city centre parking
  • Less than £4 per week
  • And NO annual contract!
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