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We have a number of experienced personal trainers that can help you achieve your fitness goals whether you want to lose weight and tone up or train for a specific sport or event. Prices vary between our personal trainers as they all have different areas of specialism so check our personal trainer profiles to find who will best suit your needs. 


Edward Harvey

Edward PT

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Edward Harvey

  • One to One personal session £35
  • Monthly subscription £350*
  • Nutritional/ Training programme £15

* Includes 3 sessions a week; full nutritional plan and support

Hi my name is Edd, a level 3 CYQ certified Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist. I have been involved in the fitness industry for almost six years. Competing nationally in Powerlifting and now venturing into amateur boxing, the skills and experience I have picked up on the way, alongside my avid research into all things strength and fitness related, makes me the perfect choice to help you reach your goals.

I like to specialise in strength and conditioning training for your sport, making you a more competitive and all round athlete. From Rugby to Football, Boxing to Basketball, building a foundation in strength will put you ahead of the game. The funny thing is, this is also the best way to get in great shape! Not a competitive athlete? My training will give you the body you’ve always desired, whilst improving posture and functional (day to day) movements.

Kirsty Briggs

Kirsty Briggs

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Kirsty Briggs

Degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage from Cardiff Metropolitan University (2.1)

SPS diploma in Sports Massage 


Prices – One to One Personal Training

  • £30 per 60 Minutes Session
  • £270 for 10 x 60 Minutes Sessions


Having trampolined and competed since a young age I love to look at the technique and movement patterns, that people utilise when exercising and through this analysis correct and improve these movements to help people get closer to their goal quickly.

I followed this passion through into my degree with my focal modules being strength and conditioning and sports massage. I learnt to coach Olympic lifts amongst other things, analysing technique and working with individuals to improve their quality of movement whilst developing their strength.

Through sports massage I have had the opportunity to work with the Welsh 7’s rugby team, assist at the Brighton marathon and Bristol half marathon and also the Welsh Athletic Championships. Being able to help athletes in their preparation or recovery from an event or just generally keep them refreshed is such a rewarding feeling. The same goes for non athletes, you don’t have to do sport to be able to feel the benefits of a sports massage! 

David Constant

Dave Constant

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David Constant

Prices – One to One Personal Training

  • £35 per 60 Minutes Session
  • £300 for 10 x 60 Minutes Sessions


In addition I offer the following:

Partner PT and Group PT
Mobile PT
Nutritional Guidance
Supermarket Tour
Postural Re Training
Fitness Assessments
Health Assessments
Accelerated Fat loss



Constant Fitness is dedicated to motivating and positively influencing people with sound fitness and nutritional guidance, helping them take the steps necessary to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

David Constant is a Master Personal Trainer, graduated from the European Institute of Fitness. Specialising in weight management, toning and body conditioning, fitness and strength training, David provides an unrivalled personal training service that is convenient, affordable, customised to attain your goals and guaranteed.

EIF Master Trainer Triple Honours Diploma in Personal Training:

1. Certified Fitness Instructor. (reps Level 2)
2. Certified Personal Trainer. (reps Level 3 & 4 in obesity and pain management)
3. Certified in Advance PT Skills
4. Certified in Nutrition and Weight Management.
5. Certified in Functional Training and Sports.
6. Certified in Clinical Exercise and Specific Populations.
7. Certified in Motivation and Lifestyle Coaching.
8. Certified in PT Business.


Dan Davies


Are You:

-          Annoyed that you can’t seem to get that lean figure/physique

-          Training hard yet you’re frustrated as you’re not seeing the results you deserve?

-          Maybe you’ve tried every unsustainable diet the internet has to offer yet to this day you’re still unhappy with what you see in the mirror.

If the above sounds like you, it’s time to ditch the fad diets and start training smart.

To book your FREE consultation with me, Dan Davies, The Flexible Dieting Coach follow the link below or come up and say hi.


Bio: I’ve been in your shoes before. Unhappy with what I saw looking back at me in the mirror, unconfident and frustrated with the lack of results I was seeing based on the effort I was putting in.

Believe me when I say I’ve tried every fad diet under the sun; low carb, keto, paleo and ‘clean eating’. 

Just like you I used to go into the gym with the ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. If I wasn’t hurting the next day then the workout wasn’t a success. The sooner you realise you don’t need to be sore to make progress, the quicker the gains will come.



Reps level 2 Certified Personal Trainer

REPS Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

Dwi’n Siarad Cymraeg


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